erica dixon

Erica Dixon

*Erica Dixon, Lil Scrappy’s baby mama, and one of the stars of “Love and Hip Hop: ATL,” called Detroit’s top rated morning show “COCO, Foolish & Mr. Chase in the Morning” on FM98 WJLB today (7-10-12) to talk about what REALLY went down in that fight between her and Joseline (who many believe was born a man) on Monday night’s episode. She also discussed some controversial comments her baby daddy Lil Scrappy made about gay men spreading HIV.

On the fight w/ Joseline she said, “If you look at reality TV you know there’s a lot of editing.  I was struck by a man, and of course I defended myself. And with Scrappy being my child’s father, of course he has my back and he’s gonna ride for me no matter what.”

When COCO asked how did Joseline get pregnant if she’s a man, Erica said, “Did you see the correct side of the pregnancy test? All I saw was the back of the test.” Mr. Chase told her that he checked out the twit pics, & it looked real to him.  But Erica said “Did you stick your finger in it or something?” Whoa, shut the front door!

Erica also spoke about Lil Scrappy, who made a controversial comment to TMZ yesterday saying, he is “happy Frank Ocean came out of the closet, because gay men that sleep with women are the doorway to AIDS.”

When the crew asked Erica how she feels about the comment, she didn’t believe it was true. But if he really did say it (he did because audio exists ), she said:

“What?!? I didn’t hear that. I don’t read the blogs or anything so I didn’t hear that. I have a lot of gay folks in my family and Scrappy is real close to all of them. If he really said that I would be real mad.”

To HEAR the full interview, click over to FM98 WJLB.