Author LaShonda DeVaughn

*A woman is driven to the breaking point by her cheating and emotionally abusive boyfriend before finding the self-esteem to kick him to the curb in the new novel, “If All Men Cheat, All Women Should Too!”


“This book is not glorifying cheating,” declares author LaShonda DeVaughn, who has written and published a total of five books through her own imprint, LSDV Productions, including the popular “A Hood Chick’s Story” trilogy.  DeVaughn says she was inspired to pen “If All Men Cheat…” after hearing one too many of her male friends praise the cheating double standard in relationships.

“Men say it all the time, ‘All men are dogs, but my wife, she’s not leaving me if I cheat on her. If she leaves me, the next man is going to do the same thing to her.’ So I’m like, okay, I’m going to play off that stereotype,” she told EURweb in an exclusive interview. “So if all men cheat, all women cheat, too.”

The story follows Janae, an admissions officer at Clark-Atlanta University who falls for ruggedly handsome construction worker, Tae.  Although he claims to love her, Tae has not stopped seeing other women. To boot, he belittles Janae. But with no family and few friends, she absorbs his verbal blows – just to hang onto him.  But a series of events take place in which she finally discovers her dignity and self-respect.

Below, DeVaughn says there’s much more to the story than the book’s title suggests.