*While he was able to speed up and down the court and make some miraculous plays as an NBA star, life afterward for Kenny Anderson has been a drag. Well, it’s not that bad, but getting caught up with traffic tickets is truly a downer for anyone’s good day.

Anderson, 41, was once accused of fleeing the scene after a car crash in Broward County. Yes he was drinking, but he took full responsibility over the incident.

This time around, he was caught on camera running through red lights, not once, but twice in the last four months, reports Jose Lambiet’s So. Florida based Gossip Extra.

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Bet he thought he’d get away.

The former athlete was fined $158 in April for one of the violations. And had to pay a total of $333 for his traffic violations.

Although he allegedly made $60 million over his 14-year career, the brother is nearly broke. Sound familiar?

oh yeah, he has two daughters with “Basketball Wives” reality star Tami Roman.