frank ocean*Last week, Frank Ocean shocked many in the Hip-Hop and R&B communitis when he said that he was bi-sexual.

While many looked at it as a possible death sentence for his career when it comes to straight male R&B fans, many looked at it as a watershed moment for Hip-Hop.

Essence writer Demetria Lucas takes on the Frank Ocean announcement and what’s next for the popular singer.

Did I miss a memo? Last week, Anderson Cooper and Frank Ocean, a singer from the hip-hop collective Odd Future, both opened the door on the sexuality closet and came “out.” On Monday, Cooper confirmed via email to the Daily Beast’s Andrew Sullivan that he was proud and gay. It was news we already “knew” — or at least strongly speculated about, since Cooper hadn’t previously confirmed.

News sites ran wild with headlines screaming “Anderson’s Gay!” as if he were the first news anchor to come out (uh, Don Lemon, anyone?). But for many Cooper fans, the reaction fell somewhere between “Congratulations!” and “Yes, and water is wet. What else is new?”

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