*One of the funniest black comics around is Kevin Hart.

The funnyman has done so well on the comedic stage that Hollywood has come calling and has starred in various films.

A few days ago, The Urban Daily came up with a list of the funnyman’s funniest quotes.

Check some of them out below:

Think Like a Man

Cedric: “What do you call the three rings of marriage? Engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering.”

“I’m not saying it like that. No, I am. I am. It’s like that. Ms. Loretta, I’m ready for the rest of the tour!”

Scary Movie 3

C.J.: “So you’re telling me you can go to bed dead and wake up alive?”

“No it wouldn’t cause you can go to bed and not be dead, and you can die and not be in the bed.”

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