corine & george duke

Corine & George Duke

*EUR has received a communiqué  from George Duke responding to the interest in his wife Corine’s recent passing.

George’s message is below.

To one and all:

I would like to thank all of you for your sentiments during this time of great loss for my family! Having said that I hope you will understand when I say that Corine was not one who enjoyed the spotlight or pomp and circumstance. Therefore in keeping with her wishes we will have a private immediate family only funeral service at Forest Lawn in the Hollywood Hills on Tuesday July 24th 2:30pm at the Old North Church. You are certainly welcome to send flowers or any correspondence but I respectfully request that you not plan to attend in order to allow for my family to mourn and grieve in private. Personally, though I am completely heartbroken, I am OK though I can’t stop weeping. I will come up for air eventually but please allow me time. The response to Corine’s passing has been overwhelming and it is obvious that she was dearly loved by so many and for that I am proud and thankful. I love you all and eventually will be my same old jolly self in the not too distant future – though I will NEVER forget this life altering moment and will never be the same again….George Duke

We send our best wishes to George and his family.