*These are the opinions explicitly expressed by Christian Post writer Matt Moore:

This is such a hard question to answer… not because the answer isn’t clear in Scripture, but because of the radically differing opinions of people in the Church. When this question is asked, division immediately is introduced. But for the sake of souls, the deception must be confronted and the truth must be proclaimed.

it’s evident that many influential leaders, and consequently much of their following, really believe that those active in the gay lifestyle can simultaneously have a relationship with Christ and be destined for Heaven. From other comments I’ve read from this point of view, it seems as though they believe the grace of God covers the lifestyle of unrepentant, active sinful behavior.

This sounds great. I mean, I want people to go to heaven… I want all people to go to heaven. I wouldn’t wish Hell on my worst enemy. But my only problem with this point of view is what the Bible actually says.

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