Jaleel White in a promo pic from Syfy’s “Total Blackout”

*Jaleel White just got some good news about his new Syfy series, “Total Blackout.”


The game show, which has regular people facing their fears in complete and total darkness, has been renewed for two more seasons, the network announced this week.

In many of the challenges, the contestants enter a room devoid of light and must reach their hands into tanks that could be filled with anything from tarantulas, to a human head, to an octopus, to a stringy mop head that just feels like something creepy. The point of the game is for contestants to correctly guess what objects (or creatures) are in the tanks.

Other challenges involve the contestants encountering unknown events as they complete tasks in the darkened room.

The show is Syfy’s highest rated new program this year, and White says it’s because viewers like to laugh at people being scared to death.

“It’s a laugh for the people that are watching, but for the people who are living it, it’s scary,” he told us. It’s scaring people and playing with their minds. Sometimes they think it’s going to be horrific, and it’s not. Other times it actually is. So whenever a contestant enters the room, it’s always worst case scenario in their mind. There’s no middle ground.”

This contestant, Awet, started freaking out the moment she entered the room.

As for future contestants who have seen all the episodes and think they know all of the tanks, and therefore will not be afraid to reach their hands inside, White says don’t sleep on executive producer Henrik Nielsen.

“He’s set so many games up. I’ve seen so many diagrammed on the wall. He’s really only scratched the surface of the games that he can come up with to play in darkness,” said White. “So as far as keeping the game fresh is concerned, I actually would liken the game a lot more to ‘Punk’d,’ to be quite honest. Remember in the early days with ‘Punk’d,’ it was like nobody knew anything, and Justin Timberlake was really crying. And then all of a sudden, people started getting savvy, started thinking, ‘I’m going to outsmart the game.’ Fortunately, in our situation I think we have Henrik here, who is going to play games to outsmart them, too. So when we get the people who think they’ve seen episodes and they’re going to outsmart the game, I think we’re going to have some tricks for them too.”

These contestants don’t know that this is only spaghetti and teddy bears.

“Total Blackout’s” eight-episode second season will premiere Tuesday, Nov. 13, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT). Eight more shows were ordered for season three in 2013. [Scroll down to watch a full episode from season one.]

Below, White tells us what would seriously freak him out if it were in one of the tanks and he was forced to reach inside.