Jamie Foxx*This weekend, in the midst of all the projects he’s got his hands in, Jamie Foxx is getting back to the foundation of his career and returning to comedy.

On Friday, July 6, he’ll crack a few jokes at Caesars Atlantic City in New Jersey and the event will feature a live broadcast of his popular Sirius XM Foxxhole Radio Show.

“There are a lot of people getting [to Atlantic City] more. I call my friends from Philly and all my homies on the East Coast,” he said. “Atlantic City represents a little bit of a vacation for them. A lot of times a lot of people can’t get down to the Essence Festival. So my manager came up with the idea to do our own thing. I’m going to be doing my Foxxhole radio show from Atlantic City. We are putting our own stamp on it.”

Fans might get a little concert during the show if they’re lucky. Last year the entertainer showed up and definitely showed out at the House of Blues doing his sexy music thing of course.

Also joining the multi-talented crooner will be Funkmaster Flex who is going to get down at the All White affair.

“We got some extremely talented people, comedians and singers who are going to be at the shows,” he said. “We got Tony Rock, Bill Bellamy, a whole host of people, man. I’m going to get up on stage and chop up a few lines here and there to make it pop. And we’ve been doing the radio show for so long that it’s like breathing. That’s what the fans really look forward to because we have our own take on everything.

Foxx is also working on highly anticipated film “Django: Unchained.” He also mentioned that he’s on a movie marathon right now, working on this part of his career, before he gets back heavy into comedy.