Jon Lovitz*When President Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize, a blanket of shock fell upon the American population.

Some questioned what he did to actually get the prestigious recognition. Criticism is on the rise about the whole bit, particularly these days since America has unofficially declared war on a few nations oceans apart.

Jon Lovitz, an unashamed critic of Obama, took some serious blows at the president and his Prize.

“Nobel Peace Prize? You didn’t earn that. Somebody else made that happen,” he tweeted … along with the photo below.

The comment was actually a play on Obama’s out of context comment in a recent speech, in which he emphasized the government’s role in producing individual success.

“If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Some have taken the statement as proof that Obama believes the government is responsible for any individual’s personal triumphs, says the Huffington Post. But as we said, the comment is taken out of context. he was actually speaking about the government helps individuals to become successful

Lovitz appeared to be implying that Obama said in one way or another that he did the work to become a Nobel Peace Prize winner. But the president hasn’t ever publicly done so.

The former “SNL” actor has made headlines in recent months for his full-on digs at President Obama. Although he votes Democrat, he called Obama a “f***ing a**hole” on his podcast a few months ago, and further embellished the claim when later asked, refusing to apologize since Obama is “not a king.”

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