joseline hernandez*“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez got caught up in the latest trend of club fighting.

She was in downtown Atlanta Monday night at a viewing party when a fan approached her with questions about her abortion.

Hernandez, who of course was not expecting that, took offense to the person’s interrogation.

It’s not quite clear yet who threw the first punch, but things certainly got rowdy after that.

Witnesses say, however, Hernandez started the physical part of the altercation, but ended up getting a dirty south beat down.

One alleged witness decided to go public and defend her friend by ‘clearing up’ the rumors.

“This is some bull….I am so tired of telling people what happened…My friend asked her Joseline “why would you get rid of the baby her and Stevie J” had made…She then brushed my friend off (the chick was every NYC hood type) so my friend hit her. I mean, you can’t just brush people off in the club and think it’s cool. Now she’s telling people that my friend hit her with a bottle and that’s not true.”

So far the alleged attacker hasn’t spoken, but Joseline is speaking on the incident … to a certain extent. She didn’t say what happened from her point of view, but according to, she denied a Media Take Out report that  claimed she was hit with a bottle causing her to “flee the club with a bloodied face.”

“Once again MTO is always getting false statements I should take y’all to court for lying lol,” she tweeted.

And to supposedly prove her face was still intact, Hernandez included the snap below as proof.

joseline hernandez (after club incident)