k. michelle*K.Michelle is following in the footsteps of Frank Ocean and coming out about her sexuality.

In her new mixtape, the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star reveals that she’s got some bisexual tendencies.

“I done been around the world/slept with some girls/smoked a little weed, but that don’t define me.”

Just in case you think we’re looking way too deep into it, the girl made her bisexual lifestyle the focus of her song, “Girlfriend,” strategically placed toward the end of her playlist on “0 F*cks Given.”

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She also made it clear that she was very aware of her lyrics and doesn’t give a, well, fill in the blank.

“If this record makes you feel some type of way/might be a bullet shot out your way/’Cause I’mma throw shade when I get paid,” she sings.

K.Michelle was sure to put a little something in there about her ex-lover MeMpHiTz and his wife Toya Wright.

Remember just a few weeks ago, she stirred up some press after claiming the rapper was an abusive man and stole her money. Hmm … perfect timing, eh?