myla sinanaj (censored)*Well apparently this Myla Sinanaj chick gets around.

After news broke that she’s supposedly preggers by the NBA’s most famous nit wit, Kris Humphries, a website called is reporting that they’ve got the goods on her.

The site says it’s got nude photos of Sinanaj as well as exclusive information on how she’s slept with other celebrities and even claimed to be pregnant in the past when guys have dumped her. Here’s what her ex-boyfriend of 6 years them:

“Myla has been searching to become famous since I met her. Originally, she said she was a singer but I was with her for 6 years and never EVER heard a song. That was one way she met “industry” people. When she started working at the hotel she would tell me all of the guys she met that wanted to talk to her…Vin Diesel, Boris Kodjoe, George Clooney, Curtis Jackson etc. I know she slept with at least one of these guys. She’s a habitual liar and dates guys and when they want to leave she claims she’s pregnant or will kill herself. She is obsessive and will call literally ALL DAY to the point where no more messages can be left on your voicemail. I believe Myla met Kris and definitely constructed a larger connection in her own head. That’s just the person she is.”

Lawd, sounds really scandalous. Well Kris, you know how to pick ’em

Anyhoo, if you’re interested in learning more and seeing Miss Myla in the raw, it’s all right here at Starzuncut.