Linda Morgan Founder of Jazz Living Legend Foundation

*In two years avid jazz promoter Linda Morgan has carved a niche in Los Angeles among jazz fans by lauding more than thirty five jazz artists, programmers and artisans at the Los Angeles based Living Legends Jazz series, now titled “A JaZzabration” ™.  Ms. Morgan founded the Living Legend Foundation with the purpose of honoring Jazz & Blues Legends and educating them about the importance of legacy protection and preservation. 

Linda Morgan to  “It is important to celebrate the past, so that we know on whose shoulders we are standing and who lit the torch and handed it to the present.” 

Linda has partnered with various organizations to bring forth her vision, among them are the Jammin’ Foundation, the We-Can Foundation, Sweet & Hot Music Foundation, the Beverly Hills/Hollywood NAACP and The Jazzone.  Many jazz and blues artists have since received adoring words from colleagues and commendations from city officials.  From vocalists to guitarists, violinists and trumpeters, a full spectrum of jazz excellence has been included in the Living Legends event. Among the honorees were Linda Hopkins, Barbara Morrison, Jai Rich, Dr. Roland Holmes, Clora Bryant, Rose Gales, Marla Gibbs, Donald Dean, Phil Upchurch and several legends who have since passed away.

Linda Morgan to “We must celebrate the present, while they are alive to receive it and give them their flowers while they can smell them and create new bonds of friendship, new musicianship and new collaborations.”

The qualifying factor for the legends is that they have all dedicated at least twenty five years to the jazz industry and are at least 65 years old.  Young people are also encouraged to attend the JaZzabration™ and have previously been invited to perform.

Linda Morgan to  “We must celebrate the future, encouraging new young aspiring artists so that they will continue the legacy of jazz and carry it into the future.”

Though other cities are soon to be included, the next “JaZzabration™” happens July 26th at LA’s Regency West ballroom, with subsequent events August 30th and September 27th.  The honorees in July are Billy Mitchell, Gerald Wilson and Charlie Jene.’  Each night has been a sold out event.  For details and tickets go to is dedicating a Jazzy In July series especially designed as a promotional and marketing opportunity at our site, which boasts over a million readers.  Space is limited.  For info email [email protected] asap for details. Put Jazzy In July in the subject box.