LeGrand Haughton

*As the world is adapting to the mass media craze amongst youth, a Philadelphia native, LeGrand Haughton, wants to bring his journey to change the way clothing is seen and turn it into something positive in the media.

Developing an idea in 2010 due to his father’s passing because of complications of diabetes, Haughton , 22, wanted to express his father’s message of “peace and unity” in a massive way. With seeing a need to change the negative influences in fashion on the street, the birth of his own clothing line, Elephant Squad,  came about. With it, he wants to create a positive image for the youth in urban and surrounding communities.

“Main stream media controls almost everything and the options are very limited for a young person growing up to wear something that can be inexpensive and expressive without getting looked at negatively by parents, police and teachers,” said Haughton. He feels that a change is needed starting with the fashion world. In school he had friends who represented themselves in a negative way and he decided to wear suits and look presentable and lead by example amongst his peers. “I am not telling our young people to wear a suit every day because that is not reasonable to everyone but to change your appearance positively to get more opportunities in life,” Haughton told EURweb.

Elephant Squad’s signature style is all about the positivity featuring elephants of course. The elephant, by the way, symbolizes brotherhood. Haughton has everything set to make clothing that young people can come together around and represent with pride without worrying about being judged negatively.  Wearing Elephant Squad makes the statement that they are not alone in the world in their struggle.

“Elephants were the weapons of the ancient world and like them I want my consumers and followers of Elephant Squad to feel indestructible such as these behemoths were to ancient armies,” Haughton observed.

He wants to use these elephants against those cereal characters smoking weed or chasing money on t-shirts due to their bad message for our young people. Haughton sees that companies are presenting those ideals and low morals to young people.

“I am not here to tell people what to do or how to raise their children or take care of themselves; I am here to give them an option,” said Haughton.

LeGrand Haughton wants people to visualize his line as a movement against the controversial stuff going on right now in the world …  whether it’s government bailouts coming from tax payer dollars or the attitude of “gangsta” folks destroying local communities. Not only in clothing does he want to make a change, but also in music and media.

“I want our trend to turn to legacy where we have permanently changed the way we view our young people and how they view themselves,” Haughton told us.

For more on LeGrand Haughton and Elephant Squad, you can email him at, [email protected] or visit the company’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/elephantsquad.