lil wayne (trunk fit)*Lil Wayne says he doesn’t have a whole lot of time for rapper beef. Right now he’s focusing on his new clothing line and pushing his business to the max.

Despite the back and forth diss songs between him and Pusha T, he says he’s really got nothing against the dude. It’s all business, he told the Associated Press.

“I just finished recording my “I Am Not a Human Being II” album. And we’re starting to work on the Young Money album,” Wayne said. “It really wasn’t no beef, you know. It was just me. I just reacted. Just a reaction, a simple reaction. I don’t apologize for it because I’m human. But it was just my human reaction. I don’t take it back. But there’s no beef. Beef is a whole different thing. … I’ll move on.”

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At a Los Angeles Macy’s department store, he talked about his entrepreneurial pursuit with skateboarding-inspired Trukfit clothing line.

He said the line is about the various styles skating encompasses, saying, “It’s not a hobby, it’s not a sport, it’s a lifestyle.”

“There’s so many styles to it that people enjoy that I bring a new one,” he said. “I love a challenge. … It’s fun as hell to fall and to not get something and then to finally land it. That’s like pursuing a girl that said no a hundred times and she finally say yeah. That’s what it feels like every single time.”

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