*Rasheeda from “Love and Hip-Hop ATL” is one of the only true music acts on the show trying to make it back into the spotlight.

The singer is joined by her manager on the show as they try to make a hit and get her to where she feels she belongs.

In an interview with our partner site, the Loop 21, Rasheeda talks about her role on the show and success.

Check it out:

Loop 21: You seem to have a healthy relationship, but critics focus more on the negative aspects of other castmates. Is it fair?

Rasheeda: It doesn’t matter whether I think it’s fair or not because people are gonna say and do whatever the hell they want to do. The difference between us and these people is that our drama is playing out on camera, so the ratchet shit that goes on in people’s lives — that we don’t see — happens for real. You can’t go on television doing a honky-dory positive show. No one wants to watch that. People want to see struggle. They want to see how others deal with similar situations to what they’re going through. You have to entertain when it comes to television but, at the same time, tell your story. Do they grow from it? Do they fall? As far as the show is concerned, it’s not a scripted thing. I can speak for myself and say the only thing they do is present the place where things may play out — the scenery — and then it’s on and poppin’ [laughs].

Loop 21: You and Kandi Burruss are friends and she’s seen on reality TV.  Did you get any advice from her?

Rasheeda: Of course! I was going back and forth with her and Toya prior to everything. I wanted to get my feet wet.

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