christopher 'play' martin

Christopher ‘Play’ Martin

*Everyone wants to be famous and receive all the perks that come with it.

But as Meli’sa Morgan and Christopher “Play Martin can tell you, being in the public eye can be very challenging if you don’t keep track of your money.

The entertainers will discuss their past financial struggles and stint in the music industry during Fame & (Mis)Fortune, an event presented by the New York Public Library and Souleo Enterprises LLC. The gathering, which will take place Tuesday, is part of a series of discussions targeting adults.

For Martin, it was a no-brainer to offer his experiences, in light of him relaying his highs and lows while speaking on his life as a celebrity at various lectures and presentations.

“My thing is really sharing about some mistakes I’ve made in the past and more importantly learning from those mistakes and hopefully people listening to it, whether it be a cautionary tale or advice,” the Kid ‘n Play rapper told EUR’s Lee Bailey. “The thing I love when it comes to mind is I might not be able to tell you what to do, but I can sho nuff  tell you what not to do. That’s pretty much my angle, you know.”

Martin has apparently learned from his mistakes. The rapper, who starred in the “House Party” films with rhyme partner Christopher “Kid” Reid in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, has transitioned from music to education with teaching experience at various colleges and universities.

Morgan has also made smooth transition from being an artist signed with a major label to what she calls an “independent contractor.” The R&B songstress plans to educate event goers on her tax troubles as well as the importance of avoiding the same fate as the late comic legend Redd Foxx and actor Wesley Snipes by paying your taxes.

“I said ‘Yes’ because a lot of people, they only talk about the horrific stories, like Redd Foxx and Wesley Snipes. It’s not that drastic if you’re doing what you’re supposed to do,” Morgan shared about her reasons for participating in Fame & (Mis)Fortune. “I wanted to be one of the ones that say ‘hey. You know I pay taxes. I’ve gotten in to bad situations. You can work it out. We all don’t go running over to Africa. We do face our responsibilities. That’s the story that I wanted to tell.”

meli'sa morgan

Meli’sa Morgan

“I’ll be discussing the fact that being an independent contractor for me over the years,” she continued. “I’ve had to deal with owing the IRS and working out installment plans to pay them and still getting on with my life as opposed to when the IRS may come in and take everything that you own.”

Although there are joys that come with being famous, Morgan is quick to point out that celebrities, as well as everyone else, cannot escape the tax man, even if it means setting up an installment plan to pay what you owe.

“As long as you honor that and keep your taxes current, then you can go out and live your life and have your car and your house and your this and your that and you pay them off and that’s the end of that. And hopefully, you don’t get in the same situation.”

Speaking on the future tax payers, Martin emphasized a simple but important bit of advice.

“Go to school,” he stated. “I know it’s getting to the place where it’s not the most popular place, so to speak. There are some questions right now in regards to if it’s a money game or a game in regards to where you pay all this to go to school. It’s not a cool thing, but you got to have an education. One way or the other, there’s got to be some investment. What people choose to do with that investment, that’s on them, but don’t look at it the way school used to be looked at before. Look at it as an investment in your future, in your vision, in your endeavors, whatever the case may be.

Fame & (Mis)Fortune: Meli’sa Morgan & Christopher “Play” Martin will take place at 6 pm tomorrow, Tuesday (July 31) at the Bronx Library Center in The Bronx. The address is: 310 East Kingsbridge Road (at Briggs Avenue).