*Can something as silly as hair impact a voter’s decision at the poll.

As crazy as it sounds, a Loop 21 writer believes the Obama’s could be facing some hairy bias come November.

Apparently I struck a nerve last week when I dared to mention that the physical appearance of a candidate does impact whom voters choose to vote for. Some found my comments referencing Gov. Chris Christie “fatphobic,” even though I made it clear that presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney could actually learn a thing or two from his less svelte supporter.

Others wondered how Gov. Christie’s weight could be perceived as a liability when he defeated a thinner candidate to become Governor in the first place in former Senator turned Governor John Corzine. An interesting question, until you consider that multiple studieshave found that perhaps the only bigger turn off for voters than excess weight is excess facial hair, unless your name is actually Abraham Lincoln. Corzine sported facial hair throughout his campaign against Christie.

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