mitt romney clueless

During his visit to the Olympic Games in London, Mitt Romney criticizes the Olympic Games in London, blows cover off private meeting with Secret Intelligence, and basically breaks down his relationship with everyone except the Queen.

*The Obamas couldn’t catch a break on protocol over in London when they went for the first time.

But the mistake was made by Michelle Obama and it was merely for touching the Queen. But some people, have gone far beyond protocol problems to downright insulting the people.

Mitt Romney has been over there in the Olympic camps just actin’ up. He’s been acting like somebody’s mother-in-law comin’ up in the house, touchin’ the furniture checkin’ for dust, looking in the refrigerator, and chastising everybody.

According to the Huffington Post, Romney walked up in the place with his chest out because he managed the 2002 Olympic games in Salt Lake City, and started criticizing the preparation of London’s games. (more…)