myesha chaney

Myesha Chaney

*There are so many gifts, talents, and abilities deeply embedded inside of us. Some are innate qualities that are undeniable, while others are characteristics gleaned during the childhood.

No matter the origin, we find ourselves running the race of life without our gifts being activated. We all have an internal fire, drive, or motivation that enables us to be passionate about life and our contribution to society. Life circumstances can cause that inner passion and fire to die. There are times we are extremely enthused about a new relationship, a promotion, or a budding creative hobby. As time progresses and disappointments prevail, they hamper the flame.

For some of us, we have made the best out of flameless lives. We aimlessly get through life doing just that—getting through.  The moment your passion dries up, your motivation to endure is weakened. Why be tortured by life? Why go through the motions for your existence on earth? Muster up enough courage to keep the flame going. Love deeply and live passionately because it has a positive effect or your emotional wellbeing. It enables you to gain experiences that will nourish your soul for years to come.

We have this amazing power to provoke change in our own lives. The responsibility to encourage belongs to each of us. It may sound strange but we are accountable to ourselves for the purpose and direction of life being fulfilled. The most infectious and inspirational person to be around is the one who lives passionately for something, someone, or a greater cause.

I am not the best person to cook barbeque. I really don’t know much about the process or why one person’s barbeque is better than another. I just love to eat it. From the little information I do know, I can say that in order to prepare the food, the fire must be present. It must reach a temperature adequate for food preparation. If the fire is too low, it is impossible to cook the food in a timely manner. In the same way, there are people waiting to feast on the passion inside of you. As long as the fire is quenched, no one gets the opportunity to enjoy the food. As long as your dreams and passions are dormant, they are not effective in changing or enhancing the lives of those around you.  It is time to ignite.  We need to muster up the courage to believe when everything inside us says walk away.  Standing in the face of rejection and disappointment creates a depth in us that cannot be taken away. We must begin to ask the tough questions. What am I living for? Why has my fire gone out? What is my purpose on this earth? Ask the Creator what His intended purpose was when He fashioned you in your mother’s womb. Whatever it is, no matter how big or small, arouse the gifts within you.  You can do it. You must do it. There is a line of people waiting to eat. Ignite.

Myesha Chaney is a recording artist signed to Kingdomanity/Relevé Entertainment.  Her debut CD, Take Him to The World, will be in stores and online outlets on July 3, 2012.  She is a wife, mother and the first lady of Antioch Church of Long Beach, California where her husband, Wayne Chaney, is Senior Pastor.  She  and her husband co-host a weekly radio show, “Real Life with Pastor Wayne and Myesha Chaney,” on Los Angeles’ KJLH.   Please visit her at  You can email her at [email protected].