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Vice President Joe Biden addresses the NABJ 2012 in New Orleans

*More than two thousand journalists attended the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) convention held at the end of June in New Orleans. Media people from print, television, radio, digital and more were in attendance.

It came as no surprise that one of the most popular places was the Career Fair. NABJ President Greg Lee stressed that the organization recognized there have been layoffs occurring in newsrooms across the country. One shakeup recently happened in the Big Easy, Lee’s hometown.

The Times Picayune newspaper, where Lee got his start, laid off more than 200 people, or almost a third of the paper’s staff. He’s currently at the Boston Globe.

In the opening reception, Lee acknowledged how newsrooms were changing.

“Many of this week’s sessions will focus on the changing landscape and how we journalists can survive in this ever turbulent industry.”

cedric niecy & tene

‘The Soul Man,’ Cedric The Entertainer, Niecy Nash and article author, Tene’ Croom

Celebrities came to the convention and talked about their hot new TV shows and movies. Among the stars touting their shows was Cedric the Entertainer and Niecy Nash. They held a private showing of two upcoming episodes of their new TV Land comedy series, “The Soul Man.”

“This is a story about redemption.” Cedric said in an exclusive interview. “We created a show about a guy who’s changed his life, who’s known, you know, to the world as this big r&b superstar, singing songs a little sexually provocative. He gets the calling. He becomes a minister and wants to save souls.”

You can see “The Soul Man” Wednesdays on TV Land at 10 p.m. ET.

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A number of movies were in the spotlight including one from Spike Lee. He provided a screening of his new film, “Red Hook Summer.” It focuses on a young boy from the suburbs of Atlanta spending a summer with a grandfather he just met in the Red Hook projects in Brooklyn.

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