adrian peterson*Minnesota Vikings tailback Adrian Peterson was  arrested over the weekend and charged with resisting arrest, according to CBS Sports.

Allegedly, he had been drinking heavily and started an altercation with an off-duty cop who was also at a nightclub in Houston, Texas.

The cop asked the athlete to leave the premises, but he didn’t like that. So Peterson, 27, started cursing at the venue’s security guard. Before things got out of hand, the club’s manager asked the security guy to leave him alone, but Peterson then got rowdy. He began speaking louder, cursing, and spewing insults at security.

Meanwhile, two on-duty officers approached Peterson. When he spotted the boys in blue, he apparently tried to charge at them.

The cops took him down and arrested him. After the incident, he became docile and “very apologetic.”

By the end of the night, Peterson left with a black eye and was taken to jail. He was released on a $1000 bail and is due to appear in court this Friday.