dj williams

D.J. Williams

*NFL players have a new (maybe) trick up their sleeves these days.

Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams tried to pass the ol’ pee test but used some non-human urine. Desperate times call for desperate measures, as they say.

The football player failed the drug test he took last August, but it wasn’t because toxicologists detected some illegal substance. He failed because the urine was “not consistent with a normal, healthy male urine specimen.”

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He tried again in September, but failed that one too. The pee wasn’t human.

While you could be thinking, “Man, was he catching his dog’s pee?” – think of the unthinkable.

The man was using synthetic urine. Yeah they make that too.

You’d think by now he’d stop trying to do the ol’ switcheroo. But no, he tried it one more time, but test administrators saw a vile drop from his waist before the test.

Now, Williams filed an appeal, but in the meantime, he could be sitting this season out.

His attorney, Peter Ginsberg issued a statement, accusing the league of rushing to judgment without the proper evidence.

“The NFL made the suggestion but offered no evidence, refused to present anyone involved in either this specimen collection process or the testing of that specimen and simply made an allegation that has made its way into the evidentiary record and the media,” he said. “It’s the wrong way to go about addressing a serious matter.