*President Barack Obama is going hard in the paint and is trying to recover from his slip of the tongue comment “you didn’t build that” after Republican candidate Mitt Romney capitalized on the questionable statement.

“Those ads  taking my words about small business out of context – they’re flat out wrong,” the president says in the 31-second pitch. “Of course Americans build their own businesses. Every day, hard-working people sacrifice to meet a payroll, create jobs and make our economy run.”

He went on to justify his comments saying that Americans are invested in the growth and future of the nation.

“And what I said was that we need to stand behind them, as America always has, by investing in education and training, roads and bridges research and technology,” he says. “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message because I believe we’re all in this together.”

But Romney’s campaign isn’t about to let this one go. In a statement about the ad, Romney spokesman Ryan Williams told reporters: “It’s clear what President Obama believes because he told us: ‘If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.’ He said it, and he meant it.”