bet awards (beyonce & kanye & jay-z-wide)

Beyonce, Kanye and Jay-Z accept their BET Awards

*It’s that time of year again, the time when actors, rappers, singers, dancers, and athletes come together to celebrate with each other and be recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in the world of music, sports, and movies. It’s the 12h Annual BET awards.

Now I could spend the time telling you about the show and series of events that took place during the show, but, by the numbers, most of you already know what happened or watched the show, and if you haven’t I don’t want to ruin if for you, because BET is known to play this show at least four more times before the summer is over.

While my aim is not to spoil the event, I will give you some tidbits of information that will make you tune-in , if you missed last night’s extravaganza. Yes, the ROC was in the building, and so was Mrs Sean Carter herself, the one and only Beyonce, which was a big surprise for me because she hadn’t attended BET awards show since 2009. Kanye and Kim Kardashian were there together….so I know will have some information about that. One surprise that I will let out of the bag was that D’Angelo made his re-emergence with his first television performance in a long time. And of course there was an outstanding tribute to the late great Whitney Houston whose voice will always be remembered. The one person that I did not see in the building was Drake, and I thought he would for sure be attendance… I wonder why he wasn’t there? Hmmm…

The BET Awards have become a staple for the black community. They are truly “our awards.” The first ever BET award show was held on June 19, 2001 as an opportunity to showcase and award the talent from our own community. Every year the show gets better and better. I’ve been blessed to either cover the red carpet or attend the awards every year since 2006, and I can attest first hand, that the experience is something I look forward to the interviews, the performances, the positive energy that exudes from the audience, and of course, the after party activities. The BET Awards light up Los Angeles, and there are many parties hosted in the show’s honor.

It is a celebration, a time to be happy; a time when unexpected surprises keep everyone on the edge of their seats. A time when entertainers from the older generation collaborate with the new and create performances that will always be remembered.

There are so many things that I want to tell you about the award show. But that would ruin surprise and if you haven’t figured it out yet, the BET Awards are all about surprises. So tune in to the encore presentation of the awards Tuesday July 3 8pm. EST, and watch as we make history.