oprah winfrey*We don’t think you wanna mess with Oprah unless you’ve got all your facts right. And then it’s still might not be a good idea.

One of her Twitter followers, AWALK @awalkdatalk, found that out Sunday evening after tweeting this:

@Oprah when are u going 2 give back 2 the ghettos in america?

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As we all know, Lady O is known for using part of her considerable fortune for causes she appreciates. One such is a school for girls she built and funds in South Africa. And of course she’s constantly criticized for not doing enough for black folks here in the states. We presume that’s what motivated the attack tweet above

Well, Madame Winfrey was either pissed at Steadman or just not in the mood for any foolishness ’cause she immediately came back with this retort:

@awalkdatalk when are u? I’ve put 500 African American men thru college . And u sir?

Oh, snap!

As the Huffington Post pointed out, it wasn’t clear immediately as to which of her charitable activities in education Oprah was referring to, but she has donated a million dollars to several charter school networks across the country. She is also the largest individual donor to Morehouse College, the all-male institution that has long been of the nation’s premier historically black colleges. The college said that she has donated more than $12 million since 1989.