apollo and phaedra*Oh no!  The marriage of the gossipiest gossiper of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks, could be headed to the dogs.

Rumors spread that the “Housewives of Atlanta” star began spreading recently with word that she and her beloved Apollo have split up.

AllAbouttTRH.com says she was recently spotted at church, of all places, with a naked left ring finger and no husband in sight.

Allegedly, reality TV wasn’t capturing the couple’s real fights and more heated disagreements. They were saving the big ones for private time.

“The producers from ‘RHOA’ are trying to snoop and shoot certain scenes of them arguing, but Apollo is just so aggressive he has started to refuse to partake in any filming,” an insider claims. “Apollo has even started threatening to take there son Ayden and leave.”

But there’s always a contrary report in the midst of rumors. A source told Sister 2 Sister that the couple is still deeply in love and plans to be that way forever.

“They’re still together,” the source stated. “They’re still working out together, and people see them working out together. ”

Eh, rumors.