Dr. Tanyeck Walford

Dr. Tanyeck Walford

*Mail men and women have a hard job.

People really underestimate the breadth of their daily activities. They’ve got to deal with complaining customers, extreme weather conditions, and not to mention, vicious dogs.

One mailman, was minding his own business last month delivering mail down a beautiful Maryland street when things took a turn for the worse.

An angry pit bull came after him. Prepared for these types of incidents, the man pulled out his pepper spray and kept the dog at bay after a second round of spray. He was able to get back to his vehicle and continue his day.

But the attack didn’t stop there, according to The Smoking Gun.

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He sprayed the wrong dog with the wrong owner. Tanyeck Walford, a 43-year-old medical doctor was not happy and decided to confront the man. She drove up in her Nissan SUV and the approached the postman.

She asked if he sprayed her dog and then began to punch him several times on his head, neck and face. She would have kept going if it weren’t for a nosy neighbor who rescued the mailman and broke up the attack

Dr. Walford, remember who is a prominent doctor, is locked up now on assault charges.