andrea kelly*You have to laugh out loud after R.Kelly admitted that he divorced his wife after he boo hooed watching “The Notebook.” His ex wife certainly did.

“Nobody’s marriage is The Notebook. It’s a movie,” Andrea Kelly said recently.

The famous ex-wife, who stars in new VH1 series, “Hollywood Exes,” admitted that the singer didn’t have a real grip about what a relationship is really about.

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Stuck in his fantasy of musical romance and endless bliss, she said R.Kelly was lost in a world all his own.

“I live in the real world. So to me, marriage is work. It’s hard times. It’s difficult. It’s happy. It’s sad. There are ups and downs. So, until you find me a movie that can do that in two hours, don’t base your relationship off of a movie,” she said on “Bethenny.”

The two were married for 10 years and divorced in 2009, because Kelly felt his marriage was dead when the credits started roll after watching “The Notebook.”