alex rodriguez & reggie jackson

Alex Rodriguez & Reggie Jackson

*It looks like Mr. October, Reggie Jackson’s mouth has has written check that he can’t cash, so to speak.

In the wake of his incendiary comments about Alex Rodriguez in a Sports Illustrated article last week, the  NY Yankees have told Jackson to “stay away” from the Bronx and Yankee players, according to sources familiar with the team, reports the NY Dailey News.

“Reggie is under punishment,” said one of the sources. “He’s upset.”

Jackson, who was in Kansas City for the All-Star festivities Monday night, told reporters, “There is no ban. There is no suspension.”

Jackson, 66, described the situation as “just a mutual thing where it was best. The clubhouse (in Boston, where the Yankees just completed a four-game series) is small, it’s a very small place and all the media was there. I didn’t want to be a disruption.”

Yankee sources, however, had a different take on the matter, claiming Jackson indeed had been told to stay away from the team.

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The punishment is not a firing, one of the sources said, but the Bombers felt that Jackson took a below-the-belt shot at Rodriguez when he said that Rodriguez’s admitted performance-enhancing drug use “does cloud” A-Rod’s records.

Jackson, now a $700,000 a year special adviser to the Yankees, was “told to cancel his plans” to attend the recently played games at Fenway Park.

“The team doesn’t need any negative publicity or aggravation, especially playing in a big market like Boston, and at Fenway,” one of the sources said. “A-Rod doesn’t need the aggravation.”

Jackson apologized to Rodriguez and the Yankees last week for the comments in SI, but Rodriguez still could not hide his disappointment when he met with reporters at Fenway.

“With friends like that who needs enemies?” A-Rod said through a forced smile.

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