remy ma*Imprisoned rapper Remy Ma is back from the dead!

She heard that people on the street were telling the story of her stabbing death in prison. But she didn’t even know death came knocking at her door.

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Somehow, rumors, like all of them, started somewhere in the deep, dark abyss of Lie-dom that she was killed while locked away in her prison cell. The rumor became so widely spread that her Wikipedia page had an entry about her death for a moment.

The 31-year-old spoke to Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex about the tall tale, saying that the rumors reached the prison causing a bit of a disturbance.

“I heard I was dead and all types of craziness. People are crazy. They have nothing to do with their lives sometimes and they just say things and it gets out of control and other people say it and I don’t know,” she said. “I just know they were looking for me crazy all throughout the prison and I was happy I wasn’t out-of-pocket.”

Remy is currently serving 8 years after being placed behind bars in connection to a shooting in 2008.