sammy davis jr.*Sammy Davis, Jr. is getting covered on all angles it seems like.

Currently, there are three productions in the works commemorating the life and career of the late great entertainer.

First is a feature film out of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios. The storyline is based on the life story as told by his daughter Tracey Davis, reports Shadow and Act.

“On his deathbed, one of the last things my father told me as he put my face in his hands was: ‘Tracy, tell my story. Warts and all’.”

Also in the making are two stage productions, one currently entitled “I Will, I Can.”

Sammy’s life was quite an adventure, from being an onstage performer to husband and father, to religious transformations and life-changing events, there won’t be a dull moment in the re-telling of his life.

No casting announcements have been made yet.