stevie j & lil scrappy fight*You didn’t think that “fight” was real, right?

Scrappy and Stevie J’s throwdown on the last episode of “Love and Hip-Hop: ATL” had to be the fakest reality TV beef in a while.

Here are 5 reasons why brought to you courtesy of The Urban Daily.

5. Stevie J Rolled Up Some Weed Right Before The Fight

When Scrappy and Erica were posted up on their car like they were on their way to a prom for Ghetto Ratchet High School, Stevie J walked out and began immediately copping pleas. What many might have missed was the quick shot of Stevie J rolling up some strand of canibus. Answer me one question. If some dude is flexing like he wants to put the paws on you, why would rolling some kush be the main priority in that situation? Then again,we are talking about Stevie J, the dude who is cheating on his main girl with the side chick on national television. Obviously, God bypassed him when he was bestowing common sense.

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