*George Lopez let off some steam during a recent live stand-up comedy performance on HBO when he told Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to shove it.

“Sheriff Joe in Arizona, f*ck you, you f*cking puto. How about that? F*ck you. You fat mother-f*cker. F*ck you,” Lopez said during part of his live stand-up special on HBO, which aired over the weekend. “I said I was going to talk some sh*t. F*ck you Sheriff Joe, you f*cking puto. F*ck you. F*ck you,” he added, as his audience roared with laughter.

But the so-called ‘toughest sheriff’ didn’t take lightly to Lopez’s commentary, despite the humorous environment. He responded publicly.

“Get some guts. And come down here, and meet me face to face,” Sheriff Joe told a local ABC affiliate.

Arpaio is currently being sued for racial discrimination against Latinos.

The law enforcement officer happened upon the show while flipping through channels, but quickly changed the station when he realized he was the butt of the jokes.

“I guess a lot of people cheered when he talked bad about me. I’m sure they’re not going to vote for me, but evidently they like what this guy is saying,” Arpaio said. “They must like the F-word, because everything was the F-word. But the people who march against me, they don’t talk those nasty words.”

The sheriff is currently being sued for alleged racial discrimination against Latinos.

Oh yeah, Arpaio thinks he’s a comedian, too.

“What, is he the spokesman for the open border people?” Arpaio joked. “See? I can be funny too. Now let’s see if he has the guts to meet me and I’ll be happy to take him to a Mexican lunch,” he added.

George, we don’t think you want to “f” with him. Dude’s a CERTIFIED loon.

Check out Lopez clowning Sheriff Arpaio: