*Mitt Romney is really holding tight to his position as the Republican candidate, but Spike Lee says he can only hold so long.

The movie maker shared in a recent interview that there’s going to be a group of people who won’t vote for the white guy simply because he’s a Mormon.

“I think there will be a block of people saying, ‘I cannot vote for a Mormon,'” he said. “They got a tough decision: Obama or a Mormon. Their beliefs got them between a rock and a hard place.”

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Spike is an avid Obama supporter and believes that during the debates, Romney is going to get his butt whooped on.

“It’s going to be obvious who should lead this country for the next four years once they go head to head, toe to toe, elbow to elbow, butt to butt. And I don’t think Mr. Romney can hang with him. He just can’t!”

(Wait a minute. Did did he say “butt to butt?”)

He also admitted that it’s going to be a close election and it’s going to come down to a few small things and crucial considerations from voters.