tamron hall*Now that NBC got Ann Curry out the way after 15 years of dedicated reporting with “The Today Show,” the network is on the hunt for a new third string host.

If you saw Curry’s emotional speech last week, announcing her departure, it seemed quite obvious that she was not planning on this. She was quite tearful. But sources say ratings have been slumping for some time and the network needed to make some changes.

Others say, however, the real reason she’s outta there is because her co-host, Matt Lauer didn’t like her.

This could be true if you check out her body language after he kisses her during her speech. Word is that when Lauer negotiated his contract for the new year for $25 million, an absolute provision was that Curry needed to be out the picture.

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Currently taking Curry’s place is Savannah Guthrie, whose been called “blander than oatmeal,” but who can get the job done. Guthrie was  the 9am hour co-host of  “Today” with Al Roker.

But who will replace Guthrie? All bets are on Tamron Hall to partner with Roker. However, she’ll keep her daily afternoon MSNBC show “NewsNation.”