frank ocean*Frank Ocean is his career’s new hero.

After coming out about his sexuality and detailing a relationship he once had with a man, his peers responded with praise and fans commended him on his boldness.

His career just took a different turn and thanks to a powerful performance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” he’s been able to push his album “Channel Orange” to the max.

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He made one fatal mistake, however. Ocean decided to release the album on iTunes Monday, ahead one week for the scheduled July 17 store release. This could cause some issues for his cash flow.

Target is refusing to carry the album, citing that carrying it won’t really be worth it. But his manager thinks the company made the decision based on his new revelation.

Back in 2010, the number one retailer of the country fell victim to a massive boycott organized by after the public found out Target was donating globs of money to candidates across the state who pushed anti-gay campaigning.

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