darryl james

Darryl James

*It’s funny to me—not in a haha way—that dead brained American sheep have found all kinds of courage to challenge and disparage the first Black President, but find no courage to challenge anyone else.

This is true of non-Black American racists, but even truer with self-hating American knee grows, who will go hard on Blacks, but soft on whites, especially if they are seeking to curry favor from whites.

My challenge to every American sheep living on their knees in fear and shame, while pretending to have some moral outrage over my president’s actions is to simply ask a few other people some of the same questions they have been asking President Barack Obama.

In another top ten list, here are some people you can challenge the way you do the president. If you dare to ask Obama, then dare to ask them all:

1                 Ask the Congressional Black Congress members what they have done for you.

These cowardly bags of crap showed their lack of support for the president early on and no one bothered to ask them why they were demanding that President Obama do in two years what they had ignored and failed to do in their own political careers (some of them lasting for more than ten years). Ask them what have they done to further the agenda they insist Obama should pursue. After all, there are more of them.

2                 Ask WHITE politicians what they have done for you.

This is particularly salient for the white racist devils who hate Obama, but also for the boot licking knee grows who attack the current president and NEVER said a word about George Bush crapping on the world economy and making war everywhere he could.

3                 Ask Big Business in America.

Blacks consume in America to the tune of one TRILLION dollars. How about asking those corporations what they have done for you, instead of demanding that the president of the United States serve your weak ass as opposed to serving the entire nation?

4                 Ask Knee-grow entertainers.

You think President Obama owes you something personally because you voted for him, but you also voted (with your dollars) for these ignorant knee grow entertainers who embarrass the race at every turn, yet you never demand ANYTHING from them. Not even responsibility…

5                 Knee-grow athletes.

If a knee grow can run and jump, some of you dead brained morons will call him a hero, yet you never stop to ask what they are doing for the race, even though they are buoyed by support from the Black community. But you will demand that one man do your personal bidding…

6                 Knee-grow megachurches.

All you did was take a little time to vote for Obama, and you probably didn’t even donate ten bucks to his campaign, yet you give these megachurches money every Sunday and ten percent of your income. Have you asked them what they have done for you with the same venom and vigor with which you demand that President Obama serve your own personal goals?

7                 Ask your local police force–Black AND WHITE.

Knee-grows get profiled, beaten and killed by cops on a regular basis, yet, it takes the killing of a child for SOME Blacks to pay attention and make demands. Some dead-brained knee-grows even try to defend the killing of Black men women and children by claiming that they might have been criminals. Really, dead brained knee grow? George Bush was a criminal and we never asked that he be prosecuted, yet we are outraged because President Obama won’t preside the way we want him to.

8                 Ask the Mexican community what they have done for you.

I want to throw up every time I heard empty headed, weak hearted knee grows talk about some nonexistent Black/Brown unity, when illegal Mexican immigrants displaced millions of Blacks from jobs they then claimed “Blacks didn’t want.” I could go through the plethora of other reasons why it is insane for knee grows to support illegal Mexican immigrants, but the point for this piece is that while you chastise the president because you supported him, you never breathe a word about the support you throw to this group.

9                 Ask the gay community what they have done for you.

We all have gay people in our families and amongst our friends, but loving them is completely divergent from supporting their issues as though they are as important as Black issues. They are not. And frankly, some of that crap is manufactured by the Gay Mafia (GLAAD), an organization that hates Blacks. Some of you stupid knee grows support GLAAD, but never ask what benefit you might reap as an individual OR as a race, yet you think the president owes you something for one vote.

10              Ask yourself what you have done for Black people.

Any of us can challenge one man to do more for the race, but how many of us are willing to look at ourselves first to challenge ourselves to do more for the race? If you have not done all you can for your people, then close your ignorant mouth instead of complaining about President Obama and get to work.

So, before you make demands and challenges of President Obama because you think he owes you something, ask away at the long list of people who have let you down, including yourself.

The bottom line is that many of you are threatening to vote for someone else, but guess what? It wasn’t the Black vote that placed our president in office in the first place.

Darryl James is an award-winning author of the powerful new anthology “Notes From The Edge.”  James’ stage play, “Love In A Day,” opened in Los Angeles in 2011 and will become a feature film in 2012. View previous installments of this column at www.bridgecolumn.proboards36.com. Reach James at [email protected].