christina milian & the dream

Christina Milian & The Dream

*Music producer Terius Nash, also known as The Dream, came out and responded to Christina Millian’s bad daddy accusations she made on Houston radio station 97.9 The Box.

After the couple’s divorce, Milian says the father of her child basically disappeared.

“I’m not happy at the moment, but I have come to the realization that I have to be 200% mom for her. And it’s not about finances it’s about spending time….” Milian expressed her desire for baby Violet to have the kind of relationship with The Dream like she had with her father. “When it comes to the case of parenting and having another parent, I really would like her to have a father in her life.”

But The Dream denies the claims and took to Twitter with a response:

Love You too. Those 15 minutes are almost up though boo!

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Then he called her a “has been” and said her interview was a publicity stunt.

Are people really this Stupid. If I had a serious issue concerning care for a loved one. I’d call the source...”

But his rant didn’t end there. He then called her a gold digger:

“She had a plan to come up before she met me I called her on it. Go digging for gold u might find it.. But its hard to carry that much weight.”