trayvon parents & lawyer

Attorney Benjamin Crump & Trayvon Martin’s Parents

*New controversy has emerged in the murder case of Trayvon Martin.

After George Zimmerman’s original bond had been revoked, Judge Kenneth Lester, Jr. re-granted bail to Trayvon’s killer for $1 million.

Martin’s family was shocked by the decision. Their family attorney, Benjamin Crump responded to the situation saying: “Understand that this isn’t a sprint to justice, but a long journey to justice that they must bear for their son.”

Ironically, the judge made it clear to the court that Zimmerman’s character is more than definitely questionable, given his record of deception, citing that he may have ran off with the $130K raised via his website and donations when he was first released. However, he granted the bail.

It is not clear whether or not he will be released today or wait it out until the eventual trial.