virginia madsen & morgan freeman

Virginia Madsen & Morgan Freeman

*It very well might be the kiss of the year in movies.

Oscar nominated actress Virginia Madsen tells Chris Yandek of her desire  to kiss Oscar winner and Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman.

In “The Magic of Bell Isle” out this coming weekend in movie theaters, Ms. Madsen shares how her kiss with Morgan Freeman wasn’t in the original script for the movie and why she wanted to kiss him.

“It wasn’t in there. It just wasn’t in the script. I just did that. And I wouldn’t have told this story, I would have never have shared it except for that Rob [Reiner] and Morgan [Freeman] had been sharing it all over the place ‘cause I thought well, I don’t, I never kiss and tell. The truth is that it was; I saw this as a really beautiful romantic love story and I don’t think that they were all sure of that and so what was written was a nice farewell and I give him a kiss on the cheek and go back home to my nice home…I thought it was more powerful than that, what was happening between me and Morgan and I saw that this love story, that’s not a man that you kiss on the cheek, that’s a man that you take in your arms and you, that’s a man that you really kiss really hard on the mouth…It just felt like I had to. I was just compelled to kiss him…And Morgan loved it and I was very happy.”

The Oscar nominated actress also had some very candid words on the film industry and the state of romantic comedies. She believes they have become dumbed down:

“I think they, there’s kind of a dumbing down of especially comedy. The dumbing down of romantic comedy is really disappointing to me that comedy’s become so negative and mean spirited…I think the first year even though I got to do one of these movies, it’s the first year that I felt really a little defeated you know about what’s the state of the American film industry.

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