melissa harris perry*As the nation celebrates Independence Day, some taking extended weekends out of the city camping and swimming, there’s no better time for this hilarious episode from web series “Black Folk Don’t.”

A satirical look at what black folks do and don’t do with interview clips from a cross-section of black folks in New Orleans, this week’s episode is BLACK FOLK DON’T: CAMP  (

Created by film director-producer Angela Tucker (someone who does plenty of things “black folk don’t do”!), the series is funny, provocative, and designed to generate lots of social sharing and discussion. Highlights include:

  • *A funny story from MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry about how she and her civil rights lawyer husband navigate the white Southern trails – he wearing a Confederate flag cap “signaling we’re friendly…. to make things safer for us.”
  • *Interview with cultural critic Toure: “I went camping once. It was for a TV show. I would not have gone if not for it being for a TV show. I did not like it….”
  • *Spotlight on the laughable episode of “Oprah camping” with comments from Black Folk Don’t interviewee: “It’s just not something we do. It felt wrong to her, it felt wrong to me to watch it. It just felt wrong.”
  • *And plenty of laughter and anecdotes from black folks answering the question: “If black folk can live in the hood why can’t we go to the woods? The great outdoors seems to be the last frontier when it comes to Black People. What’s keeping us from engaging with Mother Nature?”

The “Black Folk Don’t” web series is currently airing its second season at It premiered last week with “Black Folk Dont: Swim.” UPCOMING episodes include: Black Folk Don’t….. “Have Eating Disorders,” “Do Atheism,” “Commit Suicide,” ….. and “Get Married.”


Look for new episodes every Tuesday all Summer.



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