tameka foster*As we continue to await any updates on the condition of Tameka Foster’s son, Kile Glover, Essence writer Demetria Lucas is wondering where the support is for Ms. Foster.

A lot of the media’s sympathy has been focused on Usher being the stepfather of this young child.

But what about his mother?

Check out an excerpt of her piece below:

I don’t get it. I know she’s not Black America’s favorite person; she’s about as likable as Robin Givens circa her divorce from Mike Tyson. Tameka’s marriage to Usher never really went over that well with his fans. Despite him being a grown-behind man capable of making his own choices, she was made out to be an evil cougar-woman taking advantage of him. Let Tameka tell it, the hate was because she’s a brown skinned lady. But the more popular reasons were rumors that she seduced Usher and broke up her own marriage to be with him. Oh, and she disrupted the relationship between Usher and his mother, perhaps the worst offense. When their marriage dissolved — with so many rushing to say “I told you so!” — the nasty, public divorce and custody battle only made her more loathed. But none of this should have anything to do with whether Tameka should be offered sympathy under the current circumstances.

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