Stars on TNT’s The Great Escape

*With a virtuosity and transcending creative expression, Xango (pronounced Shawn-go) Henry has exceeded his limits as an actor by amassing 17 films within one year.

Among them are Showstopper, Wedding Day, Chained, Teeth & Blood and Nude Nuns with Big Guns, which won over audiences at the March Du Film Festival in Cannes, Frances.  Xango (whose name origin is from the Nigerian Uraba tribe) is also especially excited about the forthcoming motion picture “Spades,” directed by John Wesley Norton.

Xango to “I’m really looking forward to that because it shows more of my range in terms of what I’m able to do dramatically.”

With smothering good looks, a winning personality and a chiseled physique, there is no doubt why this multi-talented phenomena  is in demand. Xango also landed a role in the sizzling reality show “The Great Escape,” from the creators of “The Amazing Race.” It airs Sundays on TNT at 10/9 central time. Off screen Xango is equally busy as a celebrity fitness trainer.

Xango to “My real love is, I’m a natural life coach.  That’s who I am at heart. I enjoy giving. I enjoy helping the weak and making them stronger. And in the caes of bullies, I enjoy showing them another way to show your strength.  It’s internal which is why it comes out so well externally.  I recognize that holistic living is truly peace, where we can be in a calm space, mental, physical and spiritual.  And when you’re whole like that, the energy that you create is truly going to be positive, and you’re pretty much going to be a force that is unstoppable.  There’s nothing you can’t do.”

Xango is firmly committed to his craft and is definitely taking his vision to the top.  A strong likeness to Hollywood legend Woody Strode is evident and perhaps some day Xango will also bring that story to the screen or stage.  Check out Xango’s magic at


Source: The Bridget Barnett

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