george zimmerman (mugshots)*It’s decision time again in the George Zimmerman case.

The presiding judge in is expected to rule today on whether he will allow the man who killed an unarmed Trayvon Martin to be released for a second time as he awaits trial, reports CBS Miami.

Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester delayed his decision Friday, telling prosecutors and Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara that he needed more time to weigh all the evidence and testimony from a forensic accountant, Zimmerman’s father Robert, and an EMT on the scene the night of the fatal shooting of Miami teen Trayvon Martin.

The finances of George and Shellie Zimmerman were the primary focus of last week’s hearing, as that was the primary reason for Zimmerman’s bail revocation in June.

The first person brought to the stand was Adam Magill, a forensic account hired by Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara.

Magill said from April 9th through 25th a website set up to collect funds for Zimmerman’s defense collected approximately $200,000.   Of that amount, Zimmerman withdrew $124,000 which he transferred to his wife’s account, according to Magill.  After several transfers back and forth, Magill said the money was then transferred to a trust account set up by O’Mara and then to his defense fund.  Magill said he does not know if Zimmerman himself made the transfers, only that someone with access to his account did.

Magill said $24,000 was transferred directly from Paypal to the defense fund.  After April 25th the website was taken down and was replaced by another one set up by O’Mara.

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