*2 Chainz just kind of came out of nowhere, doing his Lil Jon thing appearing on everyone else’s tracks.

The rapper has popped up on songs with Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber. He says it’s all a part of his master plan to stay cool, relaxed, and making that money.

“My whole theory behind doing guest features was to remain hot in the streets,” he told CBS Local, “actually being a part of everyone’s google. When you google them, my name would pop up.”

Collaborating with the popular teenage sensation for his “Boyfriend” remix was a bit of a challenge for the rapper, formerly called Tity Boi – one can imagine the challenge.

“The Justin Bieber verse was something I could do,” he said. “The challenge was doing a clean witty verse without cursing, and to know the fan base and the crowd I was catering to. It was fun. I would love to do more records like that.”

Now that he’s set the standard and established some clout, he’s ready to transition to the next phase of his strategy and do something outside the box.