2-u-neek control (poster)*OK 2 U-NEEK fans, here’s an update on what the uber-talented brother and sister twin duo Ashley and Ashton Ruiz has been up to this Summer.

Their dedicated ‘momager,’ Joyce Ruiz, tells EUR exclusively that 2-U-NEEK has been keeping busy by honing their talent by performing throughout numerous cities in Southern California.

If you didn’t know, 2-U-NEEK has opened up for major Recording artist such as Disney’s Raven as well as have booked pre-shows for Jonas Brothers, Beyonce, and Robin Thicke among others. They’ve also performed The National Anthem for various sporting events in numerous markets.

From Make Music Pasadena CA to the Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival and Big Mamas Rib Shack, they stay in demand.

On top of their busy stage performances, 2-U-NEEK has also been working on new music in the studio. Ashley and Ashton penned and recorded a new single entitled “Out of Control.” It is a party dance tune track and is produced by Zouhair “DC” Qorchi who is based out of Germany. 2-U-NEEK recorded the song in Los Angeles with Marcus “Bell Ringer” Bell. The song will soon be on ITunes and CD Baby, but you can listen to the bouncy jam anytime on Soundcloud and right below here at EURweb.

To keep up with the twins follow them on Twitter at 2uneektwins and “Like” 2-U-NEEK on Facebook.

For more info/ bookings contact 2-U-NEEK’s team [email protected]

Check more photos below and their new single, “Out of Control”:

2-u-neek at big mama's in pasadana, ca

2-U-Neek puttin’ it down at the One Hope Family Festival

2-u-neek sign autographs for their fans

2-U-Neek signs autographs for their fans

2-u-neek poster