mo abudu*“Africa’s Oprah Winfrey,” a real woman by the way, is planning to launch her own network.

Nigerian born Mo Abudu, a television talk show host of “Moments with Mo,” producer, and overall media personality is actually a pioneer where she comes from.

Her show is the first syndicated daily talk show, which covers lifestyle, health, culture, entertainment and more, on African regional television and rakes in millions of viewers, according to Shadow and Act.

Although she doesn’t much like the title, she’s become known as “Africa’s Oprah Winfrey” for her popularity and successful coverage of hot topics.

Her new channel will be a bigger reflection of her life’s work, celebrating the lives and accomplishments of Africans and providing representation from around the continent.

“The goal of the new network is to produce content that gives young people hope across the continent [a group that she says remains underserved by African media, apart from music-driven channels like MTV Base]. These are the people that 10 years from now are going to be running the continent, and we’re not engaging them. We want to make sure that the content we produce has global appeal… The vision is a global vision for EbonyLife.”