arrested development*Arrested Development is back on the music scene 20 years after their trailblazing debut album, “3 years, 5 months & 2 days in the life of…”

The group is comprised of Speech, Montsho Eshe, One Love, Tasha Larae, Rasadon (aka Don Norris), Baba Oje, JJ Boogie, and Za. Headliner is one of the standout past members.

Their new single is “Living.” It’s from the album, “Standing at the Crossroads.” It’s a soulful and insightful song with lyrics like, “Every day I rise on a mission. Please forgive me if I mess up.”

“I’m so proud of this new music that we’ve just released. It’s rare in hip-hop today that people are talking about life and its complexities. Either it’s about partying or going shopping. As hip-hop gets older as a genre, a lot of its fans are getting older and their lives are more complex.” Speech said in an exclusive interview.

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They call their blend of hip-Hop, soul, blues and funk, “life music.”  And it was this innovative music on their first album that led to them getting 2 Grammy awards in 1993 for Best Rap Single (Tennessee) and the coveted ‘Best New Artist,’ which Arrested Development is the first and last in the hip-hop genre to win.

The new song is award winning too. The LA Movie Awards presented the group with awards for the song and video, among them best song for 2012 for their new single. No surprise that Speech is ecstatic that Arrested Development was honored.

“For me as writer of the song it was encouraging to have best song and, of course, as all of us for directors to say that what we did was excellent just meant a lot to us. We really used very little budget on this film and put a lot of our creativity in it as opposed to a ton of money. So, we were really happy to see the results.”

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Arrested Development will be featured on Unsung, TV One’s popular music bio series, on Monday, August 13. They will be going on a nationwide tour with stops in a number of cities. For details about the tour and other things check out their website, or follow them on twitter: @ADTheBand.

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